Friday, July 23, 2010

Central Park Raccoons

While riding in Central Park last night, I saw a mother raccoon thinking about leading her two kids across the road right around Lasker Pool. This being quite possibly the most dangerous place to cross said road, she changed her mind, and led them back into the bush. I pointed out all of this to my riding companion.

He observed that I shouldn't be sexist. That could've been a stay-at-home dad leading the kids around.

This is true.

But I like to think that dad is still laid up at home, trying to scrub the mark from my tire off his back. If he recovers, as another friend pointed out, he'll be the only raccoon scurrying around Central Park who knows his power to the watt. Assuming he's got WKO, he can also figure out his normalized power. He didn't get my cadence sensor, though, so he's on his own for that.

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