Saturday, March 27, 2010

Work-the-hills muffin ride

The plan was to do a long ride -- Poughkeepsie, or whatever. Chatting with Brad, and given that I have only two weeks before the Princeton 200k, we decided that I should do two short rides instead. By "short", I mean 50mi -- Nyack rides. In an attempt to simulate the short, steep hills from the 200k on muffin ride, the plan is as follows:
  • Ash St both ways
  • Push every hill -- a gear or two higher than I'd normally do. This excludes state line hill and the one after that. Possibly the third big hill too.
Ash was tough going out. Even tougher going back. I worked the hills pretty hard -- or so I thought, until Brad started pacing me after we got off the GWB. I rode the Manhattan hills harder than I ever had before. Especially the ones in Central Park.

The wattage numbers for this ride should be ... interesting.

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